MPS Web Design & Brand Strategy

Since 1987, Manifattura Porcellane Saronno (MPS) had produced in Italy a wide range of porcelain articles for professional use (more than 1000 shapes) and it was looking for a refresh. MPS turned to us to help align the user experience with evolving customers and company’s offerings.

We are not interested into complete porcelain sets anymore, we look for specific pieces that enhance chefs' creations...

This was a turning point learning from our customer research. We decided to allow search and browse by shapes, size and mood instead of line names

We are a dynamic company always evolving with market demands

We designed logo and brand style guide to show company’s passion for innovation and ability to customize solutions for their customers


Logo, Web site, Catalog, Brochures, Fair stand design, Social marketing, Product design, Catalog optimization and Taxonomy


Graphics, Web Design, Strategy, Information Architecture, Photography and Development: Giorgia Paolini


January 5, 2015