Flua Creative Direction

Flua is a brand new high-tech lighting company founded in Italy by a young and successful manufacture company in China. They ask us to provide creative direction for every aspect of the Italian company that designs, produces and distributes indoor and outdoor LED lights. We design new products and communication content, and we ensure that each product and each communication is consistent with company’s values and responds to the results of customer research and analysis. We establish the conceptual and stylistic direction for design staff, as well as the work of production artists, photographers, illustrators, and anyone else who is involved in the creative process.

First we created name and logo, next web presence and e-commerce, brand strategy and identity. Coming soon are new products design for the 2016 collection.

We suggested the name should have an interesting sound as well as meaning, and be easily connected to Italian design.

For a product like high-tech lighting, search and browse design are strategic to the success of the site. Each customer type has a different goal and level of knowledge of the product:

I'm looking for lights that will fit into my existing light boxes and look good, while providing the necessary amount of light

– Homeowner

I'm looking for lights that will make a pleasant atmosphere and/or allow customers to perform activities comfortably, while contributing to stunning interior decoration

– Store owner

I'm planning for lights that will enhance the architectural composition of my space and be flexible enough to adapt to ever changing natural light conditions

– Architect

We decided to provide browsing by product types, lighting effects, and application areas; and to allow searching for specific technical parameters (watt, input, light beam, color temperature)


Name, Logo, Brand style guide, Web site, E-commerce


User research, Graphic design, Web design, E-commerce strategy, Information architecture: Giorgia Paolini


March 30, 2015