Cappellini Web Design

Cappellini came to us with a clearly defined challenge:

Our furniture designer pieces are most photographed and they are present in almost every design and furniture magazine in the world. Many are exposed at the Museum of Modern Art in NY. Nevertheless our business is still concentrated on modular closets and home organization systems.

Customer research showed that people outside the design community was unfamiliar with the brand and did not see how the designer pieces could enter their homes.

Cappellini is part of Poltrona Frau Group, an international leader in the high-end sector of the furniture market with four renowned brands, the company is present in 65 countries with 700+ resellers.

We decided to leverage amazing resellers interior design solution and magazine photographs to show practical solutions. The web site is made of interactive pictures so that each product that is pat of the design can be clicked to obtain more information.

The design received extensive appreciation by Giulio Cappellini and Giuliano Mosconi, CEO of Poltrona Frau Group. Winning idea was leveraging the company unique strengths to communicate to the audience they cared the most ā€“ the home owners ā€“ in a way that was attractive and eloquent to them.


November 10, 2008