Paolinidesign is a UX design agency based in Milan and Seattle. We ensure full integration of communication, product design, and business strategy. We believe a project’s soul comes from the synergy between companies’ talents and their costumers’ desires. We specialize in interactive communication of authentic stories that make a company unique and valuable to its community.


Brand Strategy

Product Innovation

Product Portfolio Optimization

Content Marketing Strategy

Media Planning

Social Strategy


Product Design & Development

Web/App Design & Development

Graphic Design

Photography & Video Production

Social Media & Community Engagement

Rapid Prototyping

Research & Evaluation

Customer Research & Feedback Analysis

Data Insights

Custom Reporting

Web Analytics



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We love to chat with you. Why a design agency? Design is central, it is the interaction with your customers. Why us? Because among other things we are great at soul searching, identifying your authentic values that you can use to interact effectively with your desired audience, delivering emotional, experiential, and social value.

Design is Central

It is the interaction with your customers. Being a product, a service, an event, an online community or a distribution format, all are designed to shape the interaction with your audience.

Relationships are Circular

Companies research users and behaviors, but so do customers. They research and evaluate companies. Customers also like to participate to the creation of products and not to be only passive users.

Focus on Evaluation

Evaluation differs from research as it focuses on the results of designed interactions; this information is a useful feedback and it can also be used to correct an interaction as it happens.

Research has many Inputs

It is important to expand research to many different areas to include cultural trends, new technologies, as well as company’s values and history.