Paolinidesign delivers united customer experiences across multiple channels to bring brands to life, partnering with clients in the consumer products and hospitality industry, with an outstanding client’s loyalty and referral.  We are customer centric and client focused: we developed a unique process to identify your authentic qualities and resources that can make an outstanding difference in your customers’ experiences.
Founded by Giorgia Paolini in 2006, Paolinidesign has a studio in Italy, in the heart of Milan’s city center and in Seattle, USA. Giorgia owes her design formation to Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD). SPD was the first visual and industrial design school in Italy. Founded in 1954, SPD has trained thousands of designers and visual communication professionals from forty different countries. The teaching is based on the principles of Gestalt psychology, and Giorgia developed a unique sensibility in capturing emotions and behaviors. She has a natural customer empathy and intuition. Giorgia started as a Software Test Engineer at Microsoft Corporation, where she ensured that products met requirements and soon she couldn’t help but suggesting other valuable ones. She became a Program Manager, directly involved in researching and designing new features for Microsoft users. After a few successful releases, Giorgia desired to better understand her customers and she joined Microsoft Global Marketing and Sales Organization. There she was in the midst of customer’s feedback and their attempt to understand the value of Microsoft products. She got to experience the field effort in demand generation and sales, and the variety of issues in doing so among the regions. She came to believe that lowering these efforts should be part of product design goals. After several years of leading enterprise scale product development across multiple release cycles, managing direct contact with customers and implementing customer’s feedback, she decided to get formal education in design, as she saw it as an invaluable toolkit to address these daring goals. In 2006, she founded the Paolinidesign agency, defining opportunities to innovate, leading user experience design in various lines of business, maturing product strategy, communication and design skills.
Paolinidesign believes design can make a difference in the way we experience life. The objects with which we interact and the spaces where we live/work deeply affect our mood, relationships, and decisions. Our mission is creating enjoyable and effective user experiences.



We explore together: What is the objective of the design? why? (We believe problem setting and problem solving are of equal importance)


We explore together: What are the constraints of the design? (Achille Castiglioni used to say: 'Without rules you only get jam')


We explore together: What are your unique qualities, stories, values, vision? Does your identity show in your products and communication? How can your values contribute to make the world a better place? (There is an increasing attention to the story behind an object, as it is often the key element of differentiation)


We explore together: Who is your audience? What are the opportunities to engage your audience and improve their lifestyle? Would you like to expand your audience?


Paolinidesign researches: What does your audience value? What are your audience’s behaviors? How are they changing? What are they desires? What can make a difference to them? What is the culture they live in? How is it transforming? What are their constraints?

Design Brief

Paolinidesign proposes: a design brief to address your audience desires and your business objectives, by leveraging your unique strengths, qualities and values. (The design brief is responsible for 50% of the result of a project. Usually considered a required input to the design agency, we like to build it together. After all, a problem well set is a problem largely solved)


Paolinidesign produces: a strong concept statement that clearly describes our unique solution (Design has the potential of shaping our collective future)

Scenarios & Personas

Paolinidesign produces: personas and user scenarios to inspire creative minds (Personas are hypothetical individuals that take on the characteristics of real users and they give all the members of the team a common goal to focus on)

Sketches & Storyboards

Paolinidesign produces: Sketches and storyboards to explore and communicate ideas (Sketching is an aid to thought. Likewise clear storyboard helps doing little ‘thought experiments’ about what is and is not possible)

Protopypes & Engineering

Paolinidesign produces: interactive prototypes, information architecture diagrams, wireframes, site maps, style guides, user interfaces, technical specifications, and 3D renderings for feedback and production (Models allow to make important observations about a project and can cut days and weeks off the design cycle. We make ABS Plus models with our in-house rapid prototyping printer)


Paolinidesign offers: collaboration during production, for design changes imposed by feasibility, and for supporting multiple generations of live products. We are interested in the end result as much as you are (Ideas will never be realized if left floating in the clouds, no matter how good they are)

Monitoring Results

Paolinidesign monitors: results and key metrics as defined in the objective. This information is a useful feedback and it can also be used to correct an interaction as it happens.


We Speak Your Language

We speak the language of design and of technology. Our creative side finds solutions, while our engineering side deeply understands your business and technology. We listen: we put you at ease in expressing your ideas, your wishes and your problems. We like to define ourselves as designers more than creatives because we embrace the aspect of design that is strongly related to problem solving, with a precise methodology and process.

We Do Soul Searching

Sometimes external eyes can see things that are hiding in front of you. Today's most successful companies are bringing love, joy, authenticity, empathy, and soulfulness into their businesses: they are delivering emotional, experiential, and social value-not just profits. But first you might need to do a bit of soul searching to find the ones relevant to your audience. And we can help (we are particularly good at it!)

We have An Italian Heritage

We are naturally attracted to / produce elegance. It is in our nature to pamper our guest and this means that we are ready to do whatever is necessary for a project to be successful. If you need to make something that nobody seems able to make, we are going to find someone who can. We are extremely proactive, lean and agile.

We Are Part of Your Team

When you subscribe to our services, you become members of our community and we become part of your team. We don't just work at projects, we share your mission. That is why we created a subscription plan: when something comes up you just give us a call. No estimate or contracts to sign. We dig into it right away. As simple as that.